The Digital Honk Box Revival is a Kansas City-based chamber music ensemble performing 21st-century art by 21st-century artists, delivering a dazzling display of techno-wizard-y music and entrancing multimedia works. Honkbox love to work with other artists to present riveting performances, with recent collaborations featuring flutists Rebecca Ashe and Adam Hardin, video artist Reza Safavi, choreographer Stephanie Morrow, and faculty members at the Washington State University School of Music.

Our core membership consists of five adventurous souls:

Brad Baumgardner (bass clarinet, assorted invented instruments)
Scott Blasco (electronics, guitar, percussion)
Robert Burke (percussion)
Andrew Cole (electronics, guitar, video)
Katherine Crawford (voice)

Some thoughts from Brad on what it is we do and why:

The Honkbox is primarily concerned with creating new artistic directions in modern music.  Rather than adopting the accepted format of serious musicians vs. serious audiences, the Honkbox seeks to eliminate the division between performers and observers in order to share musical experiences.  The Honkbox specializes in interactive electronic music that blends technology with good ol’ fashioned acoustic sounds.  We hope to create a sustainable model of accessible musical collaboration for future generations.

The Honkbox is dedicated to education, outreach, and the promotion of modern music.  We participate in workshops and commissioning projects, and our individual members participate with a number of new music organizations dedicated to new and experimental art.  We love music – especially new and different music – and we hope to help audiences break through the limitations that concert halls have imposed upon all of us for the past few decades.  New music doesn’t have to be stuffy or cerebral to be good.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or flashy, and it doesn’t have to overwhelm the listener.  Music is supposed to be fun; fun to hear and fun to make.  Its supposed to make us feel something.  If we’re not having fun – then what are we doing?

That about sums it up. Honk on!


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